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Key Four: Self-Respect and Self-Worth

If you have a poor self worth and tend to give your personal power away to others, you may not have great respect for yourself and vice versa. If you have no respect or lack self-respect for yourself, you may have a low self-worth. Even though I believe that there are shades of grey in most situations, I feel that there is a strong correlation between the two.

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Key Three: Healthy Boundaries

Are you sensitive and have a tendency to take on other peoples feeling, emotions and ideas?

Do you feel that you do not know where your energy ends and where someone else’s begins?

Do you feel exhausted when you are around certain people, and do not know why?

It could be that your boundaries are enmeshed together… you are not clear where you end and where the other person begins.  This can cause much confusion and drama in your life, because you are taking on other peoples “issues and stuff” as your own. Rather exhausting don’t you think?  And it is happening on an unconscious level!

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Key Two: Walk Your Talk–With Integrity

  Do you know people in your life that say something and do another? Or are you that person? Are you a chameleon always changing your colors or your story to fit the situation? Continue to do this long enough, and you will find that you continually will be telling white lie after white lie to cover up, and then you will not know what you originally said, sound familiar? Humanity is entering a time of great transparency. We are witnessing this in the corporate world as well on an individual level. The days of incongruency with our words and actions are coming to a end. Many of us are now able to tell whether we are being told the →

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7 Spiritual Keys to Wellness

We are unable to love another if we do not love ourselves first. There is a reason that airlines say that “In case of a drop in cabin pressure, place your oxygen mask on your face first and then help and assist others with theirs.”

We were taught as a youngster to put others before ourselves or take care of others first than ourselves. And if we thought of putting ourselves first we were described as being “Selfish”. Worry not…by loving yourself first you are not being selfish.

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Are You Taking Time For Yourself?

In our busy days the last things someone wants to hear is that “You need to take time-out for yourself”. We all know this on some level, yet we fail to do something about it until we are stopped in our tracks, and then we absolutely have to listen. Are you one of those people who know this yet continue to ignore those gently probes that the universe sends you? Believe me you are not alone! Life has continued to become faster paced, as if some one sped up the treadmill that you are walking on. We have deadlines, goals, expectations equaling more stress, anxiety, and imbalance in our lives. At times we are so caught up in the business →

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Spiritual Wellness for Life

  Did you ever have experiences in your life where something was a little off kilter, and you just were scratching your head like ” I think I saw something, but I wasn’t quite sure?” Have you ever had the experience of seeing a ghost or knowing that something else was there in the room with you, but you really weren’t quite clear if you were imagining things or not?  Even better, have you ever felt that something kind of took over your life and a miracle happened, and you’re scratching your head over like how the heck did that happen? I’m here to tell you that you’re not going crazy.  In fact, that’s more normal than you know. I →

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