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911: Remembering and Reflecting

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”   – William James Over time, humanity has experienced many massive growth opportunities.  These include natural disasters such as plagues, floods, droughts, earthquake, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, and tornadoes to name a few, and man-made disasters such as war, holocaust, imprisonment, and terrorist activity.  During these times of major strife that lead to hopelessness, there is a shining light of hope. This hope manifests in masses of humanity coming together to aid each other during our most challenging times. It is unfortunate that it takes something of a great magnitude to create a shift in people’s consciousness, to wake people up! It is human nature to react to circumstances, to give assistance, and to want to make things better.   →

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Journey to Brazil- John of God

As I prepare and pack for a 12 day pilgrimage to experience the many miracles that occur at the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, where John of God assists 1000’s of people daily, I feel that my journey has already begun. Its funny how that happens, once you make a commitment to go, the experience and adventure begins at that moment. It is as if the universe cooperates and everything falls into place almost magically. Often in my case, it has to do with my next personal and spiritual growth opportunity. As part of my journey, just before Easter, I had been awakened at 7 am each morning by a bird who continued to tap at my window, until I literally →

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3 Keys to Mindful Manifestation

There has been much talk about manifestation and the proper way to manifest. In the book The Secret, the law of attraction is discussed, yet a there seems to be a missing key. Many have found just by creating a list of what they desire has not brought them much success with manifestation of their desires and wishes. Read on for the import missing key to manifestation!


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3 Steps on How to Handle Bullying

It seems that bullying is on the rise and becoming rampant. We see this in schools, on the internet, in our careers, and in adult life as well. No one is exempt to it. We have all experienced bullying at some time in our lives and careers. I see bullying as a cry for love and compassion. In particularly to the bully him or herself. A bully is defined as a blustering browbeating person; especially :  one habitually cruel to others who are weaker. I equate bullying as projection. Projection defined is the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially :  the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety.  →

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Key Seven: Showing up in Your Life

Showing up in your life is “beyond the ends of your comfort zone.”

Start small…take baby steps or just take a big risk!

Put yourself out there and take a chance…Your confidence will soar and will allow you to continue on this path of magic.

When you commit and show up in your life, I will guarantee that serendipity, magic and alchemy will occur.

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Key Six: Reflection

  Do you take time to “smell the roses” in your life? Or are you constantly running a race to get through your day or better still your life? What are you grateful for? Do you enjoy your own company or are you avoiding being alone with yourself by distracting yourself so you do not have to be alone? Life is fast paced and time seems to continue to move faster and faster. Is it an illusion or is it really happening, you know time speeding up? Taking a moment or a brief time out from your day gets you out of your own way so that you may connect with your inner knowingness. A crucial key for Spiritual Wellness →

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The True Meaning of Christmas

It’s another beautiful day in Encinitas, CA. And on this Christmas Eve day, I spent the afternoon in reflection at the Self-Realization Fellowship Chapel contemplating the meaning of Christmas.

The love you feel and carry within yourself is the true meaning of Christmas. It is accessible always, not just during the Holiday Season. Sometimes we forget and look for it outside of ourselves in material things, or in other people to fix us and make us complete

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Key Five: Forgiveness

The concept of Forgiveness is a rather “touchy” topic for many people. Our egos get the most of us attempting to control the situation and the need to be right no matter what. “I was done wrong”, “You are going to suffer; I will never forgive you for what you have done”, Or what about, “I will forgive you but I will not forget”. This last statement particularly is a judgment, which is still connected to the act of unforgiveness. I define unforgiveness as the inability of the mind or ego to let go, a spiritual poison that creates sickness eating at the inside of us.  Funny thing is that the only one who really and truly suffers because of this is ourselves!It is →

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Destressing the Holidays: Three Keys for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

  And yes, the holidays are here once again! I know people who have already put up their Christmas trees and Halloween was just last week, What is up with that? It seems that everyone is in a rush to get this year over for some odd reason. We are going through the motions as if we are trying to get somewhere and not enjoying the journey to get there.  For some, the holidays are a melting pot of emotions, stress, anxiety, anticipation, and disappointment.  Others are in self-created pressure cookers of trying to please others, being perfect, over extending ourselves emotionally as well as financially, and having expectations and unfulfilled expectations. Does that sound like you? The best gift →

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