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Is The 3M Club right for me?

  • Are you a spiritual seeker?
  • Are you are out on the leading edge of consciousness?
  • Do you find it hard to stay in consistent flow?
  • Are you wanting to build on your ability to manifest in all areas of your life?
  • Are you finding it hard to connect with leading edge teachers and a co-creative community?
  • Do you sometimes feel isolated?

This powerful community is designed to support your Higher Consciousness, Alchemy Creation and Manifesting Abilities, offering you the support you need and the answers you have been craving.

Your hosts – Dr Dolores Fazzino, Siobhán Wilcox and special guests, supporting your evolution and enlightenment, offering:

  • Regular monthly training call,
  • Live group coaching after call,
  • Downloads of all training calls,
  • Regular monthly training worksheets,
  • Private Facebook community,
  • Ongoing support that energizes your life.

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP),


is a Nurse Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and Intuitive Counselor. The founder of Spiritual Wellness for Life, and Recovering Healthcare, Dolores is also an international featured media speaker and best-selling author.

With over 38 years of healthcare experience, she is a leading authority on combining traditional medicine, energy healing, and spirituality. Her passion is to assist her clients to move through life challenges with ease.  


Siobhán Wilcox –Best Selling Author, Spiritual Life Coach, Master Intuitive

With almost 25 years experience as an intuitive, spiritual life coach, stress management consultant and more recently as an author, Siobhán uses her gifts to support her clients stepping into their TRUE DIVINE NATURE. She remembered she could heal with her hands at 6 and has been using her natural born abilities to support thousands worldwide, with online programs, retreats, and private sessions. Originally from Ireland, she now lives in Encinitas. Siobhán has appeared on TV, radio and in print speaking on the subjects of self-care, stress reduction and vibrational medicine. Her book, “Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children” is available on Amazon.


February 10th Wednesday 5pm PST

The Alchemy of LOVE. Developing a Spiritually Based Love Relationship
Hosts Dr Dolores & Siobhán

Whether you are working on developing a love relationship with yourself, looking to draw to you your beloved or increase current soul mate connection this training will benefit you. Exploring the Alchemy of relationships, tools & techniques to increase the energy of love.

Followed by group Questions and Answers

March 10th Thursday 5pm PST

The Alchemy of Belief. Tools to Decode Your Old Outdated Beliefs
Hosts Dr Dolores & Siobhán

Tools and Techniques to support you decoding your old outdated beliefs.

  • Unfold where they are sourced from.
  • What is are the main triggers to support them still being held in place.
  • Powerful ways to release them with ease and grace.

Followed by group Questions and Answers

April 13th Wednesday 5pm PST

The Alchemy of Life Force. Energizing Exercises to increase your Life Force Hosts: Dr Dolores & Siobhán

  • Is there anything blocking your full flow of life force energy?
  • Explore ways to increase your life force energy now.
  • Create a daily plan that works for you – 10 min exercises you can do nearly anywhere.

Followed by group Questions and Answers

May 12th Thursday 5pm PST

The Alchemy of Sacred Geometry, using this tool for Increased Higher Consciousness
Host: LON – Guest Speaker

lonpicturePlato referred to Sacred Geometry as the language of the soul.  For thousands of years Sacred Geometry has been a part of every culture. It is the bond that connects us all to the cosmos and the true design of our soul. Lon to a published artist, alchemist and channel.



Followed by group Questions and Answers

June 8th Wednesday 5pm PST

The Alchemy of Creating Your Sacred Space.

  • Having a clear and energetically aligned environment is vital to on-going alchemy alignment
  • What do you need to consider when approaching your environment to cleanse it.
  • Tools to energetically cleanse your space.
  • Ongoing maintenance to keep your space clear.

Followed by group Questions and Answers

July 14th Thursday 5pm PST


August 10th Wednesday 5pm PST





Because we want this to be the greatest support system you have in your life, we are encouraging you to invite your beloved friends and family members to join you on the journey of Alchemy. To do this we have created a discount system, so you pay less if your friends chose to be included in the 3M club with you.

How it works:

  • Single 3M Club membership is $127 per month, per person.
  • If you invite one friend – you each pay $67 per month, per person – Midas Buddy Level.
  • If you invite two or more friends, you each pay $47 per month, per person – The Circle of 3 Level.

Please indicate your friend(s) name in the box below when paying. This way we will know who is together. You can then pass this page onto your friends so they can set up their own subscription, you do not need to pay this for them. :-)

3M Club Membership
Add your friend(s) name

Please note this is an ongoing monthly subscription. You will be billed each month according to the package you have joined at. There are no contracts as part of this training, and you can leave at any time and cancel your subscription. Doing so will completely un-enroll you from future training and from having access to past material on the membership page. All information given during 3M Club trainings, or coaching by the hosts Dr Dolores Fazzino or Siobhan Wilcox, and or any of their guests is provided in good faith. None of this information is designed to replace medical advice.

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