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Philosophy and Methodology

Spiritual Wellness for Life assists those desiring more from their lives and are not sure how to obtain what they are yearning for. When Spirituality is bridged with physical health and wellness, there is a synergistic flow to life, where everyday becomes a miracle! 

Spirituality is the glue that holds the body, mind, and soul together!

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Have you ever felt as if you are missing pieces of yourself and are looking for those pieces? 

Or feel as if you have this huge void or empty space or hole inside of you and are filling it with things, from the external, maybe food, relationships, or other addictions to make you feel whole

The process assists in removing the conscious and unconscious blocks that are interfering with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of who each of us is. Some of these blocks have occurred in childhood where our soul has been disassociated or fractured from ourselves. The cycle starts when you look for ways to fill this hole or void, creating addictions to substances, food, people, and things. The deal is that the hole never ever gets filled, until you are reconnected to the pieces of yourself that have disassociated with yourself or fragmented from yourself. Those lost pieces are caught up in a time warp…and are waiting to be reconnected with you to become your complete and whole self. 

Many have been assisted on their healing paths with this technique. These include those with chronic and terminal illnesses, as well as those who feels stuck in their life and want to make changes.

For a complete healing to occur, the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues need to be addressed, as well as treating the physical symptoms that one is having. She has witnessed that when these areas are not addressed, there may be a re occurrence of the physical issues

The Transformation Shift Program:   

5 Healing and Intuitive Counseling Sessions

This personalized counseling program allows you to gain more clarity and clear direction for your life. In just after 5 sessions you will have the personal tools and skills to assist you in gaining more spiritual wellness, happiness and joy in your life. Discover how a shift can transform your life!

Here’s What The Transformation Shift Includes: 
  • 5 Personalized 1:1 Intuitive Counseling sessions with Dolores
  • 60 minute sessions
  • Email access for any questions
  • In person or Distant via Skype or Phone

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Spiritual Wellness For Life Program:

10 Healing and Intuitive Counseling Sessions

This comprehensive personalized counseling program allows you to set a solid foundation for Spiritual Wellness for your Life. Learn and master the spiritual keys to wellness and live a more enriching and fulfilling life with grace and ease. Gain clarity through connecting with your inner wisdom and have more peace, joy, and love in your life. Truly a transformational life-changing experience.

Here’s What Spiritual Wellness For Life Program Includes:
  • Personalized Assessment Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • 10 Personalized 1:1 Intuitive Counseling sessions with Dolores
  • 60 minute sessions
  • Email access for any questions
  • Distant or in person sessions

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Questions? Schedule a no-obligation call with Dolores, HERE.

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