Intuitive Counseling Sessions

Not sure how to get what you want from life?

Spiritual Wellness for Life supports you in opening the path that leads to the life you desire. When spirituality is bridged with physical health and wellness, there is a synergistic flow where every day becomes a miracle! 

Whether you are at the crossroads; either with a health crisis or needing insight, clarity or validation on what is next for you, or you just want to be realigned with who you authentically are, I am here to support you.

Sessions with Dr. Dolores allow you to

  • Gain more clarity
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Align with your inner knowing

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Intuitive Energy Healing Session One Hour

  • In person or Via Skype or Zoom
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(Unable to make your appointment please text me at 760-579-2440 ASAP. Cancellation fee of $60 may apply if cancelled same day)


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