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dolores-fazzino-radiant-retreat-hostDr. Dolores Fazzino, (Doctor of Nursing Practice) Nurse Practitioner, is an author, speaker, master energy healer, and intuitive counselor. With over 38 years of nursing experience, assisting on over 9,000 surgeries, and counseling numerous clients, Dr. Fazzino is a leading authority combining traditional medicine, energy healing and intuitive counseling. Dolores knows the importance of connecting with the mind, body, and soul to align a complete healing in a person’s life.  She assists clients to move through their life challenges, and realign with their inner self with simplicity, grace, and ease.

Known as a “Bridge Creator” to her colleagues and clients, Dr. Dolores creates a pathway with the physical and the spiritual to bring alignment, balance, love and joy to those she works with.

Dr. Fazzino is Founder and CEO of:

Spiritual Wellness for Life bridges spirituality with physical health and wellness. She practices and trains in two worlds: the physical and spiritual. Gifted since she was a child with intuitive abilities, she’s always been a pioneer. Dolores believes that Spirituality is the glue that holds the body, mind, and soul together.

The author of Spiritual Wellness for Life, Dr. Dolores Fazzino teaches the art of self-love and the basics of how to live a more connected life while she shares stories from her personal and professional life where forgiveness, transformation, and healings have occurred. Her newest book, HELP! How do I get the most out of my Healthcare Experience, is a hands-on, practical guide to becoming empowered and taking ownership of your health.

“Our life is either derived from a love-based reality or a fear-based one. When we reconnect with love, miracles happen in our life.”

Dr. Dolores Fazzino resides in Southern California.

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