Radiant Soul Retreat


Who is this retreat for:
Professional, Executive, Corporate, Entrepreneurial Women, Like You!

You are a smart, high-achieving, busy woman and you know there is more to life than what you’ve been living. Maybe you have the outward success: the relationship, the kids, a great job, financial abundance, and life seems fine, but somehow, you feel that your life took a detour.

Your current life isn’t how you expected it to be or if life feels pretty good you’re ready for it to be extraordinary. You feel the need to cut out the noise in your life and listen to yourself and to uncover what’s next for you.

This retreat is an immersive, deep dive, into your soul to allow you to connect deeply with your calling, to uncover your most sacred Truths and to carve a new path that excites and inspires you.

reconnect-insetYou will leave the retreat clear on how to create your vibrant life so that it is meaningful, purposeful, and joyful.

This is a sacred place for you to turn off outside expectations and demands and for you to listen to your Truth and to create a life on your own terms.

The good news is that creating a meaningful and vibrant life that lights you up doesn’t have to take you years or cost thousands of dollars.

You are not broken.  All you need is to realign, to reset, and get you back to you, and then the magic will happen!

This is a journey to quiet your mind, restore your body and to reconnect to your soul.

Benefits and Expectations

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