Monthly Healing and Message Circle

spiritual-wellness-for-life-monthly-healing-and-message-circleSpiritual Wellness for Life Monthly Healing and Message Circle

The Meet-Up group through meditation assists in our healing process whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual concern. 

Through group meditation, the amazing healing energies of the Spiritual Medical Teams (Yes, they do exist!) are called in to assist with healing of physical ailments, stress, financial concerns, relationship issues, and other challenges of those present.

Through channeling and medium-ship, the energies of the higher realms, including Angels, Saints, Source, and the Medical Teams of the Spirit World, are called forth to assist with healing and individualized messages for the greatest good of all in attendance.

We are in a time of great Manifestation and Miracles!

I witness miracles everyday! Just look around, miracles are everywhere. And in case you’ve forgotten, you too are a miracle!

Join us for an EXTRAORDINARY evening of Healing and Love!!

The group meets weekly, the first Wednesday of the Month from 7PM to 10 PM

For more information and to register CLICK HERE

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