Crystal Bed Sessions

Thousands travel yearly to experience the Crystal Healing Bed developed and used by John of God — considered the world’s most powerful unconscious medium for his Spirit Master Assisted Healings at the Casa Com Inacio in Brazil. This amazing “light bath” for the chakra system is now available at the Spiritual Wellness for Life Retreat Center in Encinitas, Calif.

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How has the Crystal Bed helped others?
Each person’s experience is unique to themselves. No two people’s experiences are the same, and each time a person receives a Crystal Bed Session, the experience is always different from the time before.  People have shared experiences of

  • increased peace of mind and over all well-being
  • serenity
  • physical sensations in their body
  • release of traumatic events
  • decreased pain
  • increased intuitive ability
  • more balance
  • being more physically present in their bodies

Crystal Bed Session Packages

Sessions are 1 hour each and include the following:

  • Processing
  • Intuitive messages and guidance
  • Crystal Bed Session

What to expect during your session:
The session is conducted on massage table in a tranquil space with soothing music and optional aromatherapy, as the client relaxes under 7 highly polished quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above, each aligned with and emitting light color-coded to the individual chakra. Each crystal has been cut specifically to the Vogel 51 degree frequency to promote balance. The client may adjust provided plush blankets and pillows to their ideal comfort.

Single Crystal Bed Session

Five Crystal Bed Sessions

Ten Crystal Bed Sessions

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John of God Crystal Bed Sessions

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