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Destressing the Holidays: Three Keys for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

  And yes, the holidays are here once again! I know people who have already put up their Christmas trees and Halloween was just last week, What is up with that? It seems that everyone is in a rush to get this year over for some odd reason. We are going through the motions as if we are trying to get somewhere and not enjoying the journey to get there.  For some, the holidays are a melting pot of emotions, stress, anxiety, anticipation, and disappointment.  Others are in self-created pressure cookers of trying to please others, being perfect, over extending ourselves emotionally as well as financially, and having expectations and unfulfilled expectations. Does that sound like you? The best gift →

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Key Four: Self-Respect and Self-Worth

If you have a poor self worth and tend to give your personal power away to others, you may not have great respect for yourself and vice versa. If you have no respect or lack self-respect for yourself, you may have a low self-worth. Even though I believe that there are shades of grey in most situations, I feel that there is a strong correlation between the two.

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Key Three: Healthy Boundaries

Are you sensitive and have a tendency to take on other peoples feeling, emotions and ideas?

Do you feel that you do not know where your energy ends and where someone else’s begins?

Do you feel exhausted when you are around certain people, and do not know why?

It could be that your boundaries are enmeshed together… you are not clear where you end and where the other person begins.  This can cause much confusion and drama in your life, because you are taking on other peoples “issues and stuff” as your own. Rather exhausting don’t you think?  And it is happening on an unconscious level!

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